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The Inaugural Networking Empowerment Wellness Conference in Stamford,CT.

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Conference Workshops [DR. AC Demidont] -(HIV prevention and care for trans and gender non conforming individuals). This workshop was about HIV prevention and care as it relates to the Trans/GNC community they discuss different aspects of care including treatments and potential barriers.

[Oswald Thomas]- How do female-to-male-transgender individuals perceive their self-Esteem and social acceptance after sexual reassignment into their chosen sex and gender.

[Gaines Blasdel]- (Transmascline Genitals surgery in the 21st century). Decades of inequality in access and a lack of published research coming from providers in the United States has led to community myths and misconceptions about transmasculine genital surgery. This lecture presentation will arm attendees with current, concrete information and resources on surgery.They discuss metoidioplasty and phalloplasty techniques, associated procedures like urethral lengthening, data on risks and complications, and pre- and post-op care recommendations.

[Kylar Maldonado]- (This TRANSformation isn't just for me, but includes my family)Transgender people have added challenges, once they realize that they want to live their authentic life. Coming out and pursuing their journey could include medically transitioning, name change, and attire change-up.

[Aneesha,Alishaand,Dayna]-(Lets talk about it) Its was a three- person panel speaking using I statements about personal, mental physical, and over wellness pertaining to self.

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